The Pushtube privacy policy

In short:

- Pushtube only collects your registration information (email, username, password, contact information etc.)
- Youtubechannel ID, Channelname, and video ID's of videos that take part in a video battle.
- Pushube does not store any videos on their servers.

What Information We Collect

• Registration Information

When you create an account, you are required to provide a username and password and email adress.

• Profile Information

We store additional profile information like: Facebook Page URL, Twitter URL, Instagram URL. It's totally up to you to give away those informations.

• Other Information Related to Your Account

When you are logged into your pushtube account, we save the following information about your interactions with the site: date of last login, votes, role (explorer or creator).

• Your Private Information Is Never for Sale

We do not sell or otherwise give access to any information collected about our users to any third party.

• Cookie Policy

We do not use cookies at this time.

• Advertising

We don't advertise anything at this time.

• Email Communications

When you contact pushtube support or subscribe to our email newsletters, pushube uses a third party service to send you email messages. All of our email communications are opt-in only. If you do opt into one of our subscription emails, only your email address will be stored with the third party service. We will always make it easy to opt out of our subscription emails, for example, by including a 1-click unsubscribe link.